Sharing Made Easy

InfoMark is the latest advancement in technology and it brings you back to basics. We are not a social platform. InfoMark does not steal your data and it won’t invade your privacy. No competitors. No ads. No overstimulation. No more spending hours sifting through search results to find what you need. We simply offer a way to exchange information quickly.

An InfoMark is identified with a star followed by a short code; for example, *INFO. You can use the website or the free app to create InfoMarks and attach documents and media to share with a single person, the whole world, or anywhere in between. InfoMarks can be printed or added electronically to best suit you and the way you connect. Others can look up your InfoMark and view the information you’ve chosen to display.


InfoMark does not control your data, you do. InfoMark technology partners with your personal Google Drive account to store your documents and media which means you control your own data. InfoMark does not collect, save, or share your data.


Your identity and info are already confidential, and now you can also password protect your Marks. After you create your Mark, you simply click the padlock icon to set a password and the correct credential must be entered for others to access your Mark.

Media Kit Downloads

For your convenience, we offer a Media Kit that includes some key information about InfoMark, such as our style guide, logos, brand-related images, press releases, contact info and other materials. Please see the list of downloads below. If you have questions, please contact us.