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Bring Alexa audio to your audience!

Add a new dimension to your readers' experience. Your Alexa device will need to be paired with your mobile device to install our skill. Download the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device so it may communicate with your Alexa device. After installing the Alexa App to your mobile device, follow these instructions to install "The Mark" skill.


"Alexa, tell The Mark INFO to play"



Installing "The Mark" skill

You are installing the skill to your Alexa app on you mobile device, not to the device itself. This means you will be working within the Alexa app to get the skill installed, not the App Store or Google Play. Follow the steps below to install the skill:

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app
  • Open the menu at the top left
  • Select choose skills and games
  • Click on the Search glass icon
  • Type in "The Mark" in the search box
  • Download the "The Mark" skill
  • Click enable to use

Using "The Mark" skill

To listen to InfoMark audio through your Alexa device, say one of the following phrases to your Alexa device. Replace the characters enclosed in {} with the Mark you want to hear. You must announce each character within the braces.

"Alexa, tell The Mark {I N F O} to play"
"Alexa, tell The Mark to play {I N F O}"


Alternative phrasing:
"Alexa, ask The Mark {I N F O} to play"
"Alexa, ask The Mark to play {I N F O}"