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InfoMark App Changelog


InfoMark Web Changelog

Version 1.30.13

Add SDK PDF to infomarks
Build clickable ad into the DSK include page
Build clickable ad into the DSK integration page
Update SDK Guide PDF - corrections and add separator pages
Update InfoMark trifold brochure
   - Add alexa item into trifold brochure
   - update outdated icons
   - Incorporate 3 industry uses into trifold brochure
   - add to *INFO
Update tag line to “Enhancing the Digital Power of Print”
Update font on web and app
Update font to lighter gray since the new font is thicker F&R 999999 > a0a0a0
Shrink line height on web to lighter gray since the new font is thicker F&R 38px > 32px
Added "Home" tooltip to top menu logo on hover
Updated media kit/style guide with new web font and color/line height
Added “The letter O and the number zero” to How to webpage
Added Alexa webpage at https://infomark.com/alexa/
Added Alexa feature to Learn More page
Back button added above select an item list

Version 1.30.12

Split Learn More web page into five individual pages
  (Learn More, Real Estate, Publications, Products, Media Kit)
Add link columns into website footer
Add InfoMark-by-industry links into site footer
Added real estate infographic to *INFO and Real Estate page
Update homepage history Mark text color
Added the infomark.com/sdk webpage
Added instructions about "Adding Items to a Mark" in item upload page
Added more instructions to How-To page
Build real world functional SDK news website for demos
Collapsing and back buttons added to SDK code
Rebuild the infomark.com/sdk webpage with static content
Create an SDK integrate package for others download
Create viewable files of the SDK download
Add SDK link into the footer

Version 1.30.11

Updated Back button tile with darker gray and hover effect for differentiation from other item tiles
Create a Media Kit and Media Kit section (located on Learn More page)
Add how-it-works and learn-more images to media kit downloads
Create example real estate Mark (*564L)
Create Real Estate section on Learn More webpage
Add popup tooltips into InfoMark.com
Add amazon alexa css, item, and tile into infomark.com
URL change: url when viewing marks will now include the variable “infomark”
Example: infomark.com/search/?INFO will now be infomark.com/search/?infomark=INFO
Added link to Media Kit to *INFO

Version 1.30.10

Added Reserve a Mark page with pricing table and availability checker form
Add autofocus to homepage search box
Update card pop out effect with smoother easing
Apostrophes and dashes now allowed in Mark and Item titles
Add quick reference to history on /search page
Updated color for phone, video, and recording icon
Added "Favoriting and Sharing Marks" to How-To Page
Added "Add items to a Mark" to How-To Page
Redesign small blue back button into a tile
Adjust items on How It Works page to accommodate ipad viewport
Adjust columns for App buttons and feature icons to respond to ipad viewport
Update Audio icon to match Phone icon
Update How It Works page - change items list to items tiles
Added How to password protect a Mark with Video to how-to page

Version 1.30.9

Add phone icons into brochure, how-it-works page, and web
Truncate Mark title with ellipses when too long for vertical phone screen
Update search field to account for leading asterisk
Update capitalization on Add Item list
“Shop” change to “Store” in How it Works page and add item dropdown
Added unsupported browser disclaimer
Updated star logo throughout web and app
Added IM for products pdf to *INFO
Added IM for publications pdf to *INFO
Added new photos to *INFO
Added Troubleshooting section to How To page
Add alt tags to all images
Add “How to add an item on the app” video to How To page
Added Number of Views and other stats to marks (viewable as Mark owner)
Updated homepage layout
Redesign number of columns for categories on different devices
Remove Share This icons from homepage, replace with Sign In button

Version 1.30.8

Updated Share buttons on homepage
Added cookie policy
Added cookie policy consent notification
Streamline all source code, sitewide
Updated Learn More page with InfoMark for products and publications images
Added How-to videos into How-To webpage
Added How to get started link below video on /watch page on Welcome
Updated styles to accommodate for Mozilla width/centering objects
Updated view Mark page with two item columns on mobile view
Update audio icon
Items now display in categories and lists
Build in subtitles for items in list
Added ability to add titles to email addresses

Version 1.30.7

Get the App link added to homepage below search box
Small mobile menu alignment adjustments
Update spreadsheet and audio icons
Gray CTA bar added to /watch webpage

Version 1.30.6

Relocated Back button when signed in
Updated Homepage social media share buttons
Adjust all anchor links according to new fixed position top menu
Reduce the amount of shadow on item cards
Improve images file sizes and browser caching
Update homepage with call to action gray bar and neumorphic designs
Added copyright statements
Change Privacy & Terms to Legal
Update design of homepage history list

Version 1.30.5

Added share, trash, favorite icons and functionality to history list
Remove “Upload to video to YouTube” option
New feature images for Learn More webpage
New content added to Learn More webpage
   - InfoMark for Publications
   - InfoMark for Manufacturers and Sellers
   - InfoMark for Targeted Advertising
   - Privacy Plus
Update item card layout - if less than four then arrange and align center
Add share icons for logged out users
Added About Us Page - link in footer
Edit item form fields now stacked instead of inline

Version 1.30.4

Updated documents and media icons
Updated Contact page with new link and phone number
Updated some button colors
Updated slight icon alignments
Updated search form placeholder text
Change “Edit Mark” button to “Edit Items”
New google signin button with custom code
Updated feature images on Learn More and How it Works pages

Version 1.30.3

Updated top menu
Updated design of added documents and media
Updated document and media icons
Updated document and media list
Updated Privacy & Terms
Documents and media Icons updated
Updated How It Works page
Added changelog webpage
Added new links to footer

Version 1.30.2

Updated How To page
Small content updates and font changes
Users redirects to My Marks page after signing in
Updated homepage links below sign in button
Updated social share icons on homepage

Version 1.30.1

Contact page redesigned
Homepage updated
Top menu added
New web pages: How it Works, Learn More, and How To
Video updated
Default user background changed to InfoMark star logo
Updated Privacy & Terms