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InfoMark App Changelog


InfoMark Web Changelog

Version 1.30.5

Added share, trash, favorite icons and functionality to history list
Remove “Upload to video to YouTube” option
New feature images for Learn More webpage
New content added to Learn More webpage
   - InfoMark for Publications
   - InfoMark for Manufacturers and Sellers
   - InfoMark for Targeted Advertising
   - Privacy Plus
Update item card layout - if less than four then arrange and align center
Add share icons for logged out users
Added About Us Page - link in footer
Edit item form fields now stacked instead of inline

Version 1.30.4

Updated documents and media icons
Updated Contact page with new link and phone number
Updated some button colors
Updated slight icon alignments
Updated search form placeholder text
Change “Edit Mark” button to “Edit Items”
New google signin button with custom code
Updated feature images on Learn More and How it Works pages

Version 1.30.3

Updated top menu
Updated design of added documents and media
Updated document and media icons
Updated document and media list
Updated Privacy & Terms
Documents and media Icons updated
Updated How It Works page
Added changelog webpage
Added new links to footer

Version 1.30.2

Updated How To page
Small content updates and font changes
Users redirects to My Marks page after signing in
Updated homepage links below sign in button
Updated social share icons on homepage

Version 1.30.1

Contact page redesigned
Homepage updated
Top menu added
New web pages: How it Works, Learn More, and How To
Video updated
Default user background changed to InfoMark star logo
Updated Privacy & Terms