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Connecting print to the digital world

InfoMark is easy and for everyone.

An InfoMark is identified with a star followed by a short code; for example, ✱0H7U. You can use the website or the free app to create InfoMarks and attach documents and media to share with a single person, the whole world, or anywhere in between. InfoMarks can be printed or added electronically to best suit you and the way you connect. Others can look up your InfoMark and view the information you’ve chosen to display.

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You are in control of your data.

InfoMark does not control your data, you do. By signing in with your personal Google account, InfoMark allows you to share information easily without having to sacrifice your privacy. That is to say, your files will be uploaded to your own, personal Google account. InfoMark does not collect, save, or share your data.

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Getting Started

Creating your first mark is as easy as one, two, three. Begin by signing in with your Google account, then:
  •    1. Create an InfoMark.
  •    2. Add documents and media.
  •    3. Share your InfoMark with anyone you wish.

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What you can add to your InfoMarks

Photos and other images
Video files
PowerPoint presentations
Links to videos
Mapped street addresses
Web addresses or links
Audio files
Audio recording (app only)
Links to stores and shopping
Email addresses
And other InfoMarks!