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Connecting print to the digital world

What is InfoMark?

InfoMark is the latest advancement in technology and it brings you back to basics. We are not a social platform. InfoMark does not steal your data and it won’t invade your privacy. No competitors. No ads. No overstimulation. No more spending hours sifting through search results to find what you need. We simply offer a way to exchange information quickly.

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A new, private technology created for you.

InfoMark does not control your data, you do. InfoMark technology partners with your personal Google Drive account to store your documents and media which means you control your own data. InfoMark does not collect, save, or share your data.

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Privacy Plus!

Just when you thought your info was private, there’s more! Your identity and info are already confidential, and now you can also password protect your InfoMarks. After you create an InfoMark, you simply click the padlock icon on the website, or select “Password” from the settings menu within the app, to create a password and further secure your info. After sharing your Mark, the correct password must be entered to access your Mark.
Privacy Plus


Grow your business with InfoMark.

Consumers can now look up InfoMarks as needed allowing them to reference information which you designate as relevant like images, links, photos, video files, audio files, addresses, and more. Never lose an instruction manual again! No more scouring for products on the internet, or hunting for the correct user manual in your home. With InfoMark you can access specific directions for any product and never have to dig through a manual ever again. Realtors can utilize InfoMark to provide virtual tours, slide shows, and other support materials to facilitate sales or promote purchasing options. InfoMark is a game changer that will completely innovate the way virtually every industry communicates with its audience.

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Bring your publication to life!

Enhance your publication and stay relevant in today’s ever-changing world of technology. With the ability to add photos, videos, and audio, InfoMarks allow writers to bring words to life and offer a new dimension to a reader’s sensory experience. Actualize your article’s characters with an InfoMark for their websites and contact info. You can also target your advertising with InfoMarks. A single InfoMark within an ad can offer a targeted call to action by providing web addresses, contact information, short videos, and more in limited ad space.
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Manufacturers and Sellers

Many companies post content on their website and hope customers will find it. They publish product-specific documents and downloads on their websites expecting end-users to find them within the search-result clutter. Now, you can target your audience. Send your customers directly to information related to each individual product. You can add InfoMarks to products which will guide users directly to manuals, application guidelines, safety data sheets and more with ease. Remove the clutter and frustration of the world by getting the right information to the right people right now. InfoMark brings the audience directly to you! A single, four-character Mark on a product can offer:
  • Product manuals
  • User guides
  • Quick start guide
  • Data sheets
  • Store locations
  • How-to videos
  • Contact info
  • Web site/store
  • Coupons/rebates
  • Photos
  • Troubleshooting
  • Links to purchase
  • Links to buy parts

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