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An Innovative Information Exchange Platform

What is InfoMark?

InfoMark is the latest advancement in technology and it brings you back to basics. We are not a social platform. InfoMark does not steal your data and it won’t invade your privacy. No competitors. No ads. No overstimulation. No more spending hours sifting through search results to find what you need. We simply offer a way to exchange information quickly.

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A new, private technology created for you.

InfoMark does not control your data, you do. InfoMark technology partners with your personal Google Drive account to store your documents and media which means you control your own data. InfoMark does not collect, save, or share your data.

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Privacy Plus!

Just when you thought your info was private, there’s more! Your identity and info are already confidential, and now you can also password protect your InfoMarks. After you create an InfoMark, you simply click the padlock icon on the website, or select “Password” from the settings menu within the app, to create a password and further secure your info. After sharing your Mark, the correct password must be entered to access your Mark.
Privacy Plus