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An Innovative Information Exchange Platform

Real Estate

InfoMark has completely revolutionized the way agents get accurate listing info to buyers. InfoMark aims to streamline the agent's marketing efforts and the improve buyer's experience.

For Agents

InfoMark is a completely free and user-friendly way for agents to connect with buyers. By adding a simple four-character code to a yard sign, or any other marketing materials, prospective buyers can enter the code at infomark.com and immediately access accurate information pertaining to that specific property. Buyers can instantly access the correct price, listing detail sheet, land surveys, agent contacts, virtual tours, and any other listing info.

Home Buyers

Buyers can now see accurate info including the price, legal documents, utilitey costs, repair history, photos, and more all for free in one location. Forget the old fashioned, complicated ways of sifting through listings on outdated and inaccurate real estate websites to find accurate listing info for a specific property.

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