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Bring InfoMark to your website!

No need to hire a web developer for this option. Easily include the user-friendly InfoMark technology in your website without advanced coding knowledge. All you need is the two short lines of code provided below.


Code Line 1

This code should be placed in your website's code just above the close body </body> tag in the HTML. This code allows your website to communicate with InfoMark and gain access to javascript and styling sheet resources. These resources are needed to display your Marks on your website.


<script src="https://infomark.com/api/v1/files/sdk.js" async defer></script>


Code Line 2

This code should be placed within the body tags <body></body> of your webpage where you want to display your Mark. You may place it anywhere you like, including within an article or post. If you are using Wordpress, or other Content Management System, you may simply paste this code into your pages and posts. (Remember that you will also need to add the first line of code from above.)


<div class="im-push-text-wrap" data="MARK"></div>


Notice that this line of code contains two parts. The first part, denoted by the class tag, signifies this is the code to display your InfoMark content. The second part, denoted by the data tag, specifies which Mark you would like to display. You should change the short character code to identify which Mark you would like to display. For instance, if you want to display the Mark *INFO then you would change the characters within the data tag from MARK to INFO. Do not change any other part of these codes.

The result of adding these two lines of code to your website will result in the following appearing on your page:

See InfoMark Include in action →



InfoMark Website Integration

Now you can easily integrate InfoMark technology into your website. Your visitors can search and view your Marks without ever leaving your website.

Notice the InfoMark Star in the example below. In this example, once the star in the navigation bar is clicked, a search form appears. You audience can enter the short character code and press enter or click Search. The Mark code will be carried through the URL and is available for retrieval on any page you choose containing the one-line InfoMark body code. All it takes is a very short code to build your results page. Since the results depend on the URL variable "infomark" this allows you to easily style and customize the InfoMark integration into your website as needed. Download the integration files below and have your web developer easily integrate InfoMark into your website.

See InfoMark Integration in action →

View the integration files →
Download the integration files →