Grow your business with InfoMark

Consumers can now look up InfoMarks as needed allowing them to reference information which you designate as relevant like images, links, photos, video files, audio files, addresses, and more. Never lose an instruction manual again! No more scouring for products on the internet, or hunting for the correct user manual in your home. With InfoMark you can access specific directions for any product and never have to dig through a manual ever again. Realtors can utilize InfoMark to provide virtual tours, slide shows, and other support materials to facilitate sales or promote purchasing options. InfoMark is a game changer that will completely innovate the way virtually every industry communicates with its audience.


Manufacturers and Sellers

Many companies post content on their website and hope customers will find it. They publish product-specific documents and downloads on their websites expecting end-users to find them within the search-result clutter. Now, you can target your audience. Send your customers directly to information related to each individual product. You can add InfoMarks to products which will guide users directly to manuals, application guidelines, safety data sheets and more with ease. Remove the clutter and frustration of the world by getting the right information to the right people right now. InfoMark brings the audience directly to you! A single, four-character Mark on a product can offer:

  • Product manuals
  • User guides
  • Quick start guide
  • Data sheets
  • Store locations
  • How-to videos
  • Contact info
  • Web site/store
  • Coupons/rebates
  • Photos
  • Troubleshooting
  • Links to purchase
  • Links to buy parts

Real Estate

For Agents

InfoMark is a completely free and user-friendly way for agents to connect with buyers. By adding a simple four-character code to a yard sign, or any other marketing materials, prospective buyers can enter the code at and immediately access accurate information pertaining to that specific property. Buyers can instantly access the correct price, listing detail sheet, land surveys, agent contacts, virtual tours, and any other listing info.

For Home Buyers

Buyers can now see accurate info including the price, legal documents, utility costs, repair history, photos, and more all for free in one location. Forget the old fashioned, complicated ways of sifting through listings on outdated and inaccurate real estate websites to find accurate listing info for a specific property.

Bring Alexa audio to your audience!

Add a new dimension to your readers' experience. Your Alexa device will need to be paired with your mobile device to install our skill. Download the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device so it may communicate with your Alexa device. After installing the Alexa App to your mobile device, follow these instructions to install "The Mark" skill.

"Alexa, tell The Mark INFO to play"

Installing “The Mark” skill

You are installing the skill to your Alexa app on you mobile device, not to the device itself. This means you will be working within the Alexa app to get the skill installed, not the App Store or Google Play. Follow the steps below to install the skill:

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app
  • Open the menu at the top left
  • Select choose skills and games
  • Click on the Search glass icon
  • Type in “The Mark” in the search box
  • Download the “The Mark” skill
  • Click enable to use

Using “The Mark” skill

To listen to InfoMark audio through your Alexa device, say one of the following phrases to your Alexa device. Replace the characters enclosed in {} with the Mark you want to hear. You must announce each character within the braces.


“Alexa, tell The Mark {I N F O} to play”
“Alexa, tell The Mark to play {I N F O}”
Alternative phrasing:
“Alexa, ask The Mark {I N F O} to play”
“Alexa, ask The Mark to play {I N F O}”

Bring your publication to life!

Enhance your publication and stay relevant in today’s ever-changing world of technology. With the ability to add photos, videos, and audio, InfoMarks allow writers to bring words to life and offer a new dimension to a reader’s sensory experience. Actualize your article’s characters with an InfoMark for their websites and contact info. You can also target your advertising with InfoMarks. A single InfoMark within an ad can offer a targeted call to action by providing web addresses, contact information, short videos, and more in limited ad space.


Getting Started is Easy


Three Simple Steps

Creating your first mark is as easy as one, two, three. Sign in with your Google account and:
1. Create an InfoMark.
2. Add documents and media.
3. Share your InfoMark with anyone you wish.

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